Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Twitter View of #NY15SCBWI

What a conference!

The 2015 SCBWI Winter Conference hashtag, #NY15SCBWI, was popping up all over twitter Friday through Sunday, and at one point, #kwamerules, the hashtag Kwame Alexander suggested attendees use to tweet nuggets of wisdom from his Keynote, was trending - making it one of the most tweeted subjects on twitter!

#kwamerules - third down, #2 on the list (promotions don't count!) Go Kwame!

Here, in somewhat reverse order, are some twitter highlights:

Back from Maybe nicest people in the world are children's book writers and illustrators (& editors agents)

Couldn't sleep last night because of all the inspiration I got from . Lots of changes coming for my .

It is going to be a very long time before anyone will beat this autograph

Just when I thought it couldn't get better... one last special guest showed up. What a weekend. Thanks!  

Was the perfect final keynote? The answer is…YES!

"You can't have a dream come true if you don't have a dream. You can't write a book if you don't write." -

Don't let other peoples "no" define your "YES"!!! Thank you Kwame

CROSSOVER was rejected more than 20 times by publishers. Kwame Alexander almost self-published it.

with the best presentation I've ever seen.

. as promised... Your sketchnotes. Nice to meet you!

The best queries are good skirts: they're short enough to be compelling, long enough to cover everything important.

"My favorite word is 'Ahhhh!' If I can elicit that word from children I am very happy."

I LOVE how 's creative mind works. Can't stop thinking about her keynote... Inspired!

"... but you have no idea how grateful I am, every day, that I did not give up." James Dashner

"Harry Potter and the Divergent Games of Hunger" - hot Commercial Fiction idea from James Dashner

Advice at : : "You need to be an idea factory."

What I learned at : : "Thibk of drawing as a poem that gets more and more serious."

is everything that is right about right now. Beautiful books, beautiful person.

Picture book creator Herve Tullet said he leaves open space so a child can put in his own words. Good advice for writers, too.

Laura Vaccaro Seeger: "Sometimes a problem can make something so much better once you find a solution."

Amazing gathering of community last night social grateful to be in the room!

I see you ! Rn't you supposed to be working on our book!? : Illustrators gettin social

Thanks to for her encouragement of my work (she liked my book!!) Meant so much to me.

"Write the book that will change someone's life." Kami Garcia, author of Beautiful Creatures

Congratulations on your from all the people who love you at and

You Guys. YOU GUYS. If you ever get a chance to hear speak on diversity, TAKE IT. Best Breakout I've ever seen.

Write the kind of world you want your children to live, learn and love in.

The stakes can never be high enough. Ben Rosenthal on thrillers & mysteries.

"Be aware, as an illustrator, this is a life long journey." We never stop developing. Denise Cronin, Viking

"The book has something to say and we have something to say back...that is the mark of a literary novel."

Don't try to follow what's hot or popular now. Follow your own muse. Margaret Raymo

On revising: you want to make sure your plot is asking the RIGHT questions of your protagonist. -

So True! RT lose the preciousness of your illustrations. Revisions are part of the bookmaking process.

"Does your book entertain as much as it informs?" Ben Rosenthal on Nonfiction at

Stacy Whitman's tells us that you don't have to write diversity, but remember your audience, it is diverse. <3

For a series, set your characters up in situations that will involve continual growth or development. Aimee Friedman

Three act structure. Act 1 is always shorter than you think.

Wants and needs should be in direct conflict with each other.

"Writing for teens, not to be published, allowed us to take risks we never would have taken."-

"Finding the right book at the right time can save your life." Kami Garcia

Anthony Horowitz: The only difference between a successful writer and an unsuccessful writer is the unsuccessful writer gives up.

The round tables were fantastic! I got great feedback on my picture book manuscripts from an amazing agent and editor.Thank you.

Statue in lobby has been Harry Potterized! :-D

And there was so much more - explore for yourself at the twitter search for #NY15SCBWI

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