Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Advice From An Editor (Who's Now An Author) - Chris Pavone on BOOKish

Many of us writers and illustrators have day jobs or parallel careers. Some of us have those second/simultaneous careers in this very industry, like former Art Director and book jacket designer R.J. Palacio whose debut MG novel, WONDER, was such a hit.

In this article on BOOKish, Editor and now Author Chris Pavone shares 7 Things Being an Editor Taught Me About Being an Author, and it's well-worth reading.

I particularly liked the statistic that even if your book is the single best-selling novel of the year, maybe 2% of Americans will read it. Which, of course, means that 98% won't. Leading Chris to say,

"There's no way to appeal to everyone, and no reason to try: It will only ensure that a book appeals to absolutely no one whatsoever."

Wise words.

Check out the rest of the piece, and

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