Thursday, December 11, 2014

William Morris Endeavor's GIMME BOOKS Pop-Up Holiday Bookstore

Because it's so timely, and fascinating...

The talent and literary agency William Morris Endeavor just announced its first holiday pop-up store:


The idea (and innovation) of Gimme Books (announced back in June 2014) is that a talent/literary agency is seeing the events their clients are already appearing at (like Fashion Week and Wimbledon) as opportunities to sell their clients' books.

And in the case of this holiday season, they've added a new spin, with this New York pop-up store that features:

"...books hand-selected and sold by our very own WME literary agents" 


"Live in-store events" with some of their author clients.

Some points to consider:

Will branding authors for the public by their agency representation work? 

Will agencies themselves become branded selling points?

The moving roles of literary agencies, some towards producing, some towards publishing, and some, towards bookselling, is fascinating to witness.

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