Thursday, November 20, 2014

The 2014 Crystal Kite Winners: THE STORY OF FISH AND SNAIL by Deborah Freedman (SCBWI New England)

This week our Crystal Kite Spotlight shines on THE STORY OF FISH AND SNAIL by Deborah Freedman!

A member of SCBWI New England, Deborah's picture book won for the Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island division.

Award-Winning Author/Illustrator Deborah Freedman
I contacted Deborah to find out more...

Lee: Please tell us about your book!

Deborah: THE STORY OF FISH & SNAIL is my love letter to reading. It's about two friends who live in a book — Fish, who likes to explore other books, and Snail, who does not want to leave home. Tension! Conflict (with splishing and splooshing)! And and one super act of courage.

Lee: Sounds dramatic and sweet - perfect for a picture book! How long have you been involved with SCBWI, and can you share what you feel you've gained by being a member?

Deborah: I've been a member since 2000. I sold my first book in 2005 after an editor saw my artwork at the New York conference that year. Since then, I've made and continue to make friends through SCBWI who have been inspiring, and encouraging, and are simply dear to me. 

Lee: Do you have any advice to share with other children's book writers and illustrators?

Deborah: Oh, I don't know . . . I certainly don't have this writing life all figured out. So how about this: never assume you have it all figured out! 

Thanks, Deborah!

I also connected with Marilyn Salerno (who, along with Margo Lemieux, is co-Regional Advisor for SCBWI New England) to learn more. Here's what she wrote...

I am very excited Deborah captured the Crystal Kite for a beautiful picture book with a story line for all children.

As for info on SCBWI NE we are over 2,000 strong and host several events a year including a three day conference, one day events, evening presentations, over 80 monthly critique groups, and have a very active website and list serve. We have a PAL chairperson who is busy planning PAL events including a page attached to our Facebook page about happenings in the region. 

My thanks to Deborah and Marilyn, and Cheers to Deborah for THE STORY OF FISH AND SNAIL winning the 2014 Crystal Kite Award!

To learn more about Deborah and her books, check out her website here.

To find out more about SCBWI New England, visit their site here.

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I've been wanting to get his book for awhile, it looks so cute!

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Wonderful picture book