Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Editorial Anonymous - an excellent resource for Kid LIt Industry Vocabulary and More

Every industry has its own jargon, and it's important to know ours.

Want to better understand royalties (both "on list" and "on net") and earning out?  What's meant when an editor says they're looking for a "high concept" picture book?  What's expected on a one-sheet?  What's a lay-down date?  What's behind the term "picture story book?"

Beyond our own lexicon, this anonymous editor shares some clear-eyed takes on what self publishers don't tell their clients and what's the real scoop on Merchandising and Ancillary Rights (like the plush toy you imagine being sold with your picture book...)

And if you want to snort water (or whatever else you happen to be drinking) out your nose, check out Editorial Anonymous' take on the term "pre-published."

Editorial Anonymous' Publishing Dictionary posts are a great resource.

Go read them.

Illustrate and Write On,


Ali B said...

Thank you, Lee! This is a great resource.

Ali B said...

When I started hearing the term "pre-published" I actually found it a bit condescending. Sort of like a pat on the head from published authors, agents and editors. Having now gotten used to the term, I just see it as a PC way of categorizing writers. It doesn't bother me as a "pre-published" writer.

BTW, I'm also pre-millionaire, pre-facelift and pre-panelist on "Wait Wait - Don't Tell Me."