Thursday, November 24, 2011

Life Cycle of a Book - a very cool resource

Life Cycle of a Book is a free online site that shares 11 different four-to-seven-minute-long video interviews with experts - who are doing that job - describing each developmental stage in the life of a book:









Book Buyer



Author Publicity

It's an excellent resource, and I like how it comes full circle back to the author.  So go watch these great videos, and get a bigger-picture understanding of the Life Cycle of a Book.

I found this resource via twitter (a tweet by @syntactics - Rachel Stark, an Assistant Marketing Manager at Bloomsbury Children's Books), which linked to a blog post on Rachel's blog, which linked to a website (the Publishing Trendsetter newsletter), which linked to Publishing Trendsetter's Life Cycle of a Book site. Which is a very cool example of how all this social media stuff works to get the word out - and now I get to share it with you!

And for our readers in the U.S.A., Happy Thanksgiving!

Illustrate and Write On,


Christine Tripp said...

The videos are great! Thank you for posting it! I would have loved to see an art director included though, to represent the illustrators:)
I think I'd title the resource "Birth of a Book". "Life Cycle" had me looking for a last video showing a poor dusty book, years after its launch, sitting lonely and forgotten on some library shelf.

Elisabeth Watson said...

We're so glad you found us! And so good to hear that our bloggers' (in this case Rachel's) social media efforts are doing their good work.

What a sad (if surely often true) idea of the "Lifecycle" of a book, Christine! I think the "cycle" part of it in our minds perhaps relates more to bookS, with the hope that if everyone along the way does a great job--including the author doing his own publicity after pub date--and with a little bit of luck, there will be demand for more great books to be "born," thus starting the cycle all over again.

Thanks so much again--we're great SCBWI fans over here, and so were very flattered to see you mention us!

Elisabeth Watson

Christine Tripp said...

Keep up the great work Elisabeth and thank Rachel for her efforts/blog as well:)
I'll move into my more positive place and imagine a cherished children's book being passed down from one generation to the next, dogeared pages, dust and all:)