Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Tweet Roundup

I saw a lot of this cute little guy this morning:

The Fail Whale only means that the Twitterverse is exploding with fewer-than-140-character comments, thoughts, non sequiturs, bits of information and links. (Or maybe @sarahshum had it right in her tweet  this morning: "I haven't seen this much of the Fail Whale in a long time. Maybe it's a sign I should stop hanging out on Twitter and DO STUFF. Yeah.")

As always (well, just like last week) I give you my favorite tweets I've spotted in the last seven day for my Wednesday Twitter Roundup. Click on the Twitter handles (@name) to see the original tweets and follow the links to read the articles or blog posts these tweeters refer to.

@inkyelbows: Lit. agent @ElanaRoth on revision requests:

@MichaelBourret: Writers, pay attention: NB spells out why I posted this RT @NathanBransford: Every writer gets rejected at some point: 

@RachelleGardner: Since it's the writing that's most important, is there any value in a verbal pitch?

@inkyelbows: 3 Things Debut Authors Should Know When Signing With an Agent - Barbara Poelle

@Noni_Writes: RT @HUnderdown: The Odds of Getting Published Stink--and Why You Shouldn't Care: #kidlit #yalit #writing

@colleenlindsay: RT @DanBlank In 1939 publishers faced a disruptive new format: paperbacks. A story of opportunity: via @debbiestier

@Cowpernicus: RT @amyhodgepodge: On the blog: Examples of picture books that tackle difficult subjects. #kidlit (via @Swellbooks)

@chavelaque: Fun on the blog: A video playlist of great bookish love songs:

@thecreativepenn: 7 simple SEO tips for writers via @michellerafter

@huffingtonpost: Twilight + Academia = Academic Dissertations on Twilight!

@PBJunkies: Skyping School Visits- by Roz 

@srrcolvin: RT @4kidlit Adventures in Children's Publishing: Quirks Are Character Life S..

@inkyelbows: Pay No Attention To Shiny Objects: 10 ways to stay focused on your writing, by @Dana_Kaye

@jasouders: What's your muse?
@cuppajolie: A speaker at the #scbwi summer conference RT @RileyCarney: Excellent post characters by author Gail Carson Levine

@GalleyCat: Facebook nears 500 million users; a FB search for "publishing" turns up 17,000 pages and 78,000 people pages:Original Tweet: 

@sljournal: British Columbia Public, School Libraries Offer First E-Book Collection -

@mitaliperkins: Editorial Staff Changes at Children's Book Publishers (via @HUnderdown)

@MaggieHilliard: RT @booksquare: @debbiestier Breaks Down Publishing In 2010: 'A Tale Of Two Cities'
@jeannevb: RT @JaneFriedman: Can brightest minds in publishing successfully reinvent the business, or do they just know too much?


@molly_oneill: Day 3 in a row of spam promising to make my *ahem* "longer than the Great Wall of China." Editor's thought: "Hm, better writing than usual."

What did I miss? If you found a helpful/inspirational/useful/amusing tweet that's not on my list, please post it in a comment.


Heather Powers said...

Hi Alice - your twitter link has 3 t's. :)

I was wondering if you'll be adding any Illustrator tweets to your round-up? We have a great SCBWI community and a chat every Thursday night. #kidlitart

Enjoying the new blog!

Alice said...

Thanks Heather--I didn't know there was a #kidlitart chat. I'll add a column in Tweetdeck and keep an eye on illustrator tweets.