Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Tweet Roundup

Twittter can be a tad overwhelming to keep up with. Or maybe it's just me--I follow just under 3,000 Twitter users. I know I should probably cut down, but I don't want to miss anything! The problem is, it's impossible to not miss anything. (They say the average tweet lives for five minutes, then--poof--it's gone.)

Since Twitter users can't see it all, and those of you who aren't quite sure what a "tweet" is won't see any (and since it's "writer Wednesday" on Twitter--#WW), I've decided to start sharing some of what I think are the most interesting/useful/amusing tweets I've come across recently. (I'll do this most Wednesdays.)

Click on the twitter handle (@name) to see the original tweet and follow the links to read the articles or blog posts these tweeters refer to.
@colleenlindsay: This is the kind of agent I am: I ate worms for @EgmontUSA to get them to read a client's book. (There is photographic evidence coming!)

@inkyelbows: Lit agent @Kid_Lit debunks the "I can't get published unless I'm published" myth:

@katrinagermein: RT @BonnieAdamson: RT @MandyHubbard: Just blogged about trends I'm seeing RIGHT NOW in slush the pile:

@ingridsundberg: Holly Black: Examining the Strange - The Basics of Writing Fantasy:

@MelissaWrites: RT @ImaginationSoup: Deborah Underwood, Children's Picture Book Author Explains Plotting for Kids

@lil_monmon: RT @4KidLit: Personality Typing Your Characters for Fuller Development: Character Worksheet Part 2

@PoodlePowered: Great post! RT @4KidLit: Creating Memorable Characters Part 1- Character Worksheet

@mstewartscience: Why is tone important in nonfiction writing?

@juliemusil: RT @4kidlit Adventures in Children's Publishing: Shrinking Your Characters 

@PaulaYoo: Natl Pic Bk Writing Week Wrap Up Blog List posted here:

@Peter_Gutierrez: My report on #IRA annual conf @ #graphicnovel Reporter w/ quotes frm Jane Yolen, Michael Bitz

 @JodySparks: RT @4kidlit Adventures in Children's Publishing: Monday Conference Round-Up ..

@ingridsundberg: John Green and David Levithan Speak at #LATFOB : (@realjohngreen)

@asuen1: 5 Great Books About Hamsters @penguinkids @Scholastic @HarperChildrens #kidlit

@lcalabrese: Picture Books for Moms

@jennaraynell: RT @FirstBook: The 70 Best Children's Books Of All Time: List Marks Puffin's 70th Anniversary.
@ReadTogether: RT @reachoutandread: RT @readingrockets 50 multicultural books every child should know:

@CherokeeMK: RT @amyhodgepodge: RT @katrinagermein: On creating a digital picture book for the iPad. - Amazing!

@ingridsundberg: Quote of the Week: Mary Kole - "Teens aren't..."

@jasouders: Check out a really great oasis for #writers ! New collaborative blog for YA.

@SaraFujimura: Stealing a delightfully disgusting diabetic toe incident from my nurse friend & putting in BREATHE. 

What did I miss, tweeps? (I know there's a lot.) If you found a helpful/inspirational/useful/amusing tweet that's not on my list, please post it in a comment.

(NOTE: Based on subsequent tweets, Colleen Lindsay seems to have survived the worm eating at Egmont unscathed. I ate worms my freshmen year of high school during Miss Dugle's algebra class because she was munching on them and grossing everyone out and I didn't want her to get a way with it. I puked during my next class. As if algebra wasn't nauseating enough...)


R.J. Anderson said...

Here's a tweet to an essay and some discussion about the portrayal of characters with disabilities in MG/YA novels:

@rj_anderson: On the LJ: Disablism in Children's Fiction: Please Don't.

Jody said...

Yay! Thanks for featuring my tweet! I'm especially excited because it was the author's first blog post ever.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for doing this Alice...will for sure be checking this out.

Looking forward to following along on your new blog!!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Thanks for listing Jody's tweet. It was to my guest blog post on the Michigan SCBWI conference & my first blog post ever. I'm so excited you listed it.

Gail said...

Fabulous info, thanks Alice! I'm glad to be a follower :-)

Martina Boone said...

Thanks so much for including us on this list! We're honored, and we were pleased to host Natalie Aguirre for the Monday Conference Roundup. We also had a great post from Cole Gibsen on 'When Rejection Feels Like a Punch in the Face' on our Wow Wednesday feature.

I didn't know you did these great Weds round-ups, but will definitely include it in our This Week For Writers segment every Friday!

Martina (@4KidLit)

SCBWI said...

Thanks for all your feedback (and tweets!) Glad you stopped by to check out my Tweet Roundup.

Sundberg Studio said...

This is a great idea. I do feel like I miss a lot of great tweets if I'm not sitting at my desk all day. And thanks for Re-tweeting some of my posts! :)

Kate Hart said...

I do a similar roundup on Fridays on my own blog-- love seeing the differences in picks and followees (that's totally a word). Definitely adding your blog to my RSS. Thanks!

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Hey - this is an awesome feature! I can't wait to read it every week.