Thursday, August 14, 2014

When It Comes To Marketing Your Book, The Experts Say, "Be Authentic" - Edith Cohn Is.

Edith Cohn's debut Middle Grade novel is Spirit's Key.

She's someone I know, and because of that, I was one of a number of people invited to an "event" -

"Watch my lifelong publishing dream come true! A video where I hold my debut novel in my hands for the first time."

It was a link to a video Edith put up on YouTube.

I watched it, and I think you should, too.

Her emotion and excitement are infectious. And we're not only cheering her on, we finding out a lot about the book, too.

It's not "hard-sell" marketing. It's not flashy. It wasn't expensive to produce.

The video - this glimpse into an exciting moment in Edith's publishing journey -  allows us to learn more about her, and gets us interested in her middle grade mystery about a girl who works with the ghost of her pet dog to solve a crime on a remote island filled with wild dogs and superstitious characters.

Being authentic shouldn't be difficult. And it's pretty darn effective marketing, as well.

Certainly something for us all to consider.

Illustrate and Write On, 


Leandra Wallace said...

I hadn't heard of this book until an author of a giveaway I'd won included a bookmark for Spirit's Key. It looks so good! Thanks for sharing the video, it was so neat to get to share Edith's big moment. Might have been teary eyed a few times... ;)

Ronald L. Smith said...

Wow. What a great moment. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Looking forward to picking up a copy!