Thursday, August 28, 2014

Julie Hedlund Gets Innovative With Publishing Picture Books!

Julie Hedlund's first picture book, A Troop Is A Group of Monkeys, was an story app first, and then became a trade picture book.

Her second picture book in print, My Love For You Is The Sun, is coming out in Fall 2014.

It's with the same publisher, Little Bahalia, yet it took an even more innovative route...

I caught up with Julie to get the details:

Fascinating and inspiring!

You can find out more about Julie, her books and the 12x12 picture book-creator community here.

Illustrate and Write On,


Angela Verges said...

Congrats to Julie!

Teresa Robeson said...

Julie is an inspiration to all of us in her 12x12 Challenge!

Kristi Veitenheimer said...

Love the new book! It's lyrical prose is beautifully illustrated to make a winning combination! Everyone should own a copy of "My Love for You is the Sun."