Tuesday, August 5, 2014

#LA14SCBWI - We Blogged, We Tweeted, We Sang!

The 2014 SCBWI Summer Conference just wrapped, and it was an amazing three days of craft, business, inspiration, opportunity and community - and then on Monday there was a whole additional day of intensives!

Check out the Official SCBWI Conference Blog for over 75 posts that give you a taste of all the goodness...

Twitter was trending for #LA14SCBWI, and looking at the tweet-stream is another view well worth taking. Here's some of popular, profound, and fun ones...

"Another writer's success doesn't diminish your chance for success. Cheer on other writers."

<3 Mary Lee Donovan: "Cutting a manuscript = making a sourdough starter—in a series there's potential for later use."

"If you want to write, find your splinter. The thing that pierces you and won't let go." Megan McDonald

"When you sit down and write it lasts forever...People hear our stories." - On writing vs performing on Broadway.

"Don't confuse your success as a writer with your own self worth." David Meissner

"I got 126 rejections before I got my 1st acceptance." -Pat Z Miller on accepting her Golden Kite Award at

"I'm not looking to reject. I'm looking to FIND." -one editor, to Deborah Halverson

Imagine YOUR Golden Kite Moment

This year’s SCBWI Member of the Year goes to Ellen Hopkins.

. "You never again love a book the way you do when you're a child. We...write books that become fiercely loved."

"When you have a stereotype slip through into a book, it becomes true again."

Linda Sue Park: as a child, diverse books taught her, "You didn't have to be white to be a hero."

There's no such thing as writer's block. Ur just editing too early. -Stephen Chbosky

"There's nothing sadder than a heart that feared its dreams." - the amazing at

"It's not just silly fun, writing stories. Stories shape the world." Meg Rosoff

When I took a selfie in front of the attendees of , if I knew it would be RTed over 1220 times, I would've composed a better shot!

You can look for your own inspirations in the tweet-stream by searching twitter for #la14scbwi

And as part of the Saturday Night Gala "Tomie dePaola's 80th Birthday Bash: A Night In Old Italy," we flash-mobbed and sang...

What a conference!

Hope you can join us in New York for the 16th Annual Winter Conference, January 30 - February 1, 2015.

With Full-day Intensives for both Writers and Illustrators, the New York Art Showcase, Workshops, Keynotes, Networking with top Editors, Agents and Publishers and much more, it's an incredible weekend in the center of the children's publishing industry.

Online conference registration will be posted in October 2014 at www.scbwi.org

Illustrate and Write On,

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