Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Social Media Fans Unlock An Annotated Extra Genesis Chapter Of Laini Taylor's Fantasy Series: Innovations In Book Marketing

It was covered in Publisher's Weekly, and was so cool I reached out to Jessica Shoffel, Director of Publicity at Little, Brown and Company Books For Young Readers to find out more.

Jessica explains:

The campaign was done to continue the buzz leading into the July 7th release of the paperback edition of DREAMS OF GODS & MONSTERS.

LBYR's social media channels asked fans to share a favorite quote from DREAMS OF GODS & MONSTERS with the hashtag #UnlockLainiTaylor. Once we reached 613 hashtags (the page count in DREAMS OF GODS & MONSTERS) we released a chapter from Laini that inspired the series.
And the genesis chapter wasn't just put out there. As Jessica shared:

LBYR partnered with Genius to create a reading experience where fans can read Laini’s own annotations about the chapter. They show up as highlights throughout the text, and when you click each one, a pop-out with her note appears, see it in action HERE. It was an incredible collaboration that allows fans into the early genesis of the series and Laini’s beginning ideas on what it could become.

Here's a screen shot of the unlocked chapter, with an open note:

It's a very cool use of social media to build buzz and reward fans!

You can find out more about Laini and her books here.

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