Tuesday, August 18, 2015

5 Amazing Picture Book Tips From #LA15SCBWI

"If there's no trouble, there's no story." -Mem Fox

Mem Fox wrote this beloved classic!

Editor Allyn Johnston, on what doesn't hook her: "Picture books that don't change, as Mem said, my emotional temperature."

Allyn Johnston was the editor on this Mem Fox authored, Helen Oxenbury illustrated picture book!

"Leave out all the stuff that's boring." -Author and Editor Jane O'Connor

Jane O'Conner wrote this best-selling book that started the fanciest of fancy franchises!

The "Dr. Seuss Test" - can it be read aloud the first time by someone who has never seen it before without tripping? -Paul Fleischman

Paul Fleischman wrote this book of poems that won the Newbery Medal!

On message in picture books: "Don't let it be the tail that wagged the dog." - Paul Fleischman

Paul's latest picture book!

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