Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sotheby's Reports Brand New Record for a Book Illustration at Auction...

Sotheby's tweeted this phone and text earlier this month:

Sold for £314,500: the original drawing for "Poohsticks"... A brand new record for any book illustration at auction
That's nearly half a million dollars ($493,765.00 at the current $1.57 exchange rate to £1.00)!

What I find so amazing about EH Shepard's illustration, more than its current market value, is how much emotional value is conveyed... and we don't see any faces! Just Christopher Robin, and Pooh and Piglet's body positions, and the setting, and still so much emotion and tone comes through to us.

It's impressive.

You can read more about the sale of this drawing by EH Shepard in this BBC article here.

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