Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lindsay Wright Wins The 2013 Sue Alexander Award!

Sue Alexander, author and first SCBWI member ever!

"The Master Clock of Paris" is the manuscript Lindsay Wright submitted at the recent #LA13SCBWI (The SCBWI 2013 Summer Conference in Los Angeles) for critique. It was nominated by her critiquer, then selected as the most promising manuscript from all the summer conference's critiques.

Sue Alexander herself used to determine the winner, now, a three-member panel from Sue's writing group of 20 years makes the final selection after the conference.

Lindsay will receive an expense-paid trip to New York to meet with interested editors. Here's what the judges said about her manuscript:
The MASTER CLOCK OF PARIS (YA) by Lindsay Wright is an intriguing young adult novel. Seventeen-year old Marion arrives in Paris on a scholarship to study art, but her real goal is to find her mother who went off to France ten years earlier and never returned. Marion finds herself trapped in an alternate Paris and discovers a connection between her missing mother and a clock that reverses time. Engaging writing, vivid details of time and place, touches of humor and a strong character make this a compelling story.
Kudos to the two runner ups as well, Mary Cecilia Jackson for her YA, "Sparrow," and Linda Hearn for her MG, "Branded."


To learn more about Sue (and all she did for SCBWI, check out a brief bio and video tribute here.)

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