Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poet and Author Greg Pincus Shares 30 Poets 30 Days

It's the 5th year Greg Pincus celebrates the USA's National Poetry Month (April) by sharing previously unpublished poetry by children's literature stars on his Gottabook blog.

This year's poets include:

Greg's done something pretty genius by taking an event that already existed and bringing people to his online home for thirty days in a row - not to read his own poetry, but to read other poets' works, and to celebrate poetry for kids!

Of course, once people are at his site, they see his poetry, and get excited about Greg's debut novel "The 14 Fibs of Gregory K." (out this October from Arthur A. Levine books.)

It's like a master class in how to build a platform.

But that makes sense, because Greg's also a social media guru for writers and illustrators.  (He does his social media stuff here at The Happy Accident.)

So go check out some amazing poetry for the whole month of April.  And get inspired, both by the poetry, and what you might do to build your own platform!

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