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#la13scbwi 2013 Summer Conference Registration Selling Fast - Don't miss your chance to participate in the Intensives!

The Monday (August 5th) Intensives are three hour and fifteen minute sessions that offer some amazing - and unique - opportunities to go deep into your craft with powerhouse editors, publishers, agents, illustrators and authors.

For Writers, there are 24 intensives to choose from, including:

Morning Writer Intensives

Bonnie Bader: How To Hook Readers From the Beginning of Your Book So They'll Never Let Go (part one)

Bonna Bray: It's Character Building!

Ginger Clark: From Offer To Out of Print: A Step By Step Guide To The Publication Process

Julie Hedlung & Sarah Towle: Writing and Submitting Interactive Apps and Ebooks

Ari Lewin: Novel Workshop

Carolyn Mackler: Realistic Teen Fiction: A Love Story

Melissa Manlove: Piece, Part, Whole: Picture Books

Krista Marino: Plot Revision: How To Shake The Problems Out Of Your Muddled Plot

Andrea Pinkney: The Chapter One Pact

Jen Rofé: The "So What" Factor

Steve Sheinkin: Writing The NonFiction Page-Turner

Joanna Volpe: Teen Series: How To Raise The Stakes With Each Book

Henry Winkler: Improv Your Character To Life

Afternoon Writer Intensives

Bonnie Bader: How To Hook Readers From the Beginning of Your Book So They'll Never Let Go (part two, which makes this a six and a half hour intensive!)

Laurie Halse Anderson: Weaving Magic From Truth: The Research, Writing, and Ethics Of Historical Fiction

Jill Corcoran: How to Write A Query Letter

Matt de la Peña: Authentic Dialog

Emma Dryden: Revision Precision: Techniques and Approaches To Revising Your Work

Deborah Halverson: How to Build Your Own Teenager: Techniques For Writing Believable MG/YA Characters

Ari Lewin: Executing Your Fantasy Novel

Krista Marino: Important Firsts: The Importance of The First Line, First Page, and First Chapter of Your Book

Molly O'Neill: Where Does Voice Come From?

Andrea Pinkney: Making Multi-Cultural Writing Real

Jen Rofé: The "So What" Factor

Namrata Tripathi: Developing Your Dummy: An Intensive for Author/Illustrators

Andrea Welch: Ten Essential Picture Book Elements - How Does Your Manuscript Measure Up?

For Illustrators, there's a day-long program, "Where Your Illustration Style Fits In Children's Publishing" that explores the genres and gives illustrators the opportunity to have pre-conference assignments reviewed in a First Look Panel and have their work seen in the Lunchtime Showcase!  The day includes:

Jannie Ho and Tom Lichtenheld: Before Picture Books: Books For Toddlers

Jessie Hartland and Dan Santat: Picture Books

Carson Ellis and Jarrett Krosoczka: Beyond Picture Books: Chapter Books, Illustrated Middle Grade & Graphic Novels

First Look Panel with Giuseppe Castellano, Allyn Johnston, Steve Malk and Kristen Nobles

Panel: Breaking Boundaries: Transcending And Redefining Genres with Donna Bray, Jarret Krosoczka and Steve Malk, moderated by Laurent Linn.

For details on all the intensives, visit here.

Check out the main conference Schedule (an incredible jam-packed three days),  bios on the Faculty, and find all the additional conference information here.

Space in the Intensives is selling faster than any other year - so if it's something you'd like to do, register now so you get a spot!

We hope to see you there.

Illustrate and Write On,

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