Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kid Lit Celebrates Women's History Month!

A great example of synergy and group blogging is Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month.

Synergy because they're taking an event, the national observance in the USA of Women's History, and putting up a one-month-only blog that's all about Women and history and empowerment.

Synergy because it's a joint effort, with each contributor doing a single post, allowing them the time and focus to do it well.

Synergy since the promotion efforts of one help all, and of all help one.

The list of scheduled contributors is impressive:

And the posts so far have been impressive as well:

Like Yes You Can!, where Lisa of Shelf Employed and the Association of Library Service To Children blog starts us off with the inspiring story of her own daughter wanting to read a non-fiction science book that was "too old" for her... how she encouraged her daughter to get it anyway, and how that book transformed her daughter's life.

Check out Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month, and let the medium as well as the message inspire you!

Illustrate and Write On, 

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