Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talk: A new way to think about creativity

This is a fascinating presentation about creativity and how to relate to our own creative process.

It's well worth the 20 minutes to watch for everyone doing creative work - and that certainly includes us, the writers and illustrators of books and creative content for children and teens!

Illustrate and Write On,


Heather Kelly said...

Lee-I enjoyed this TED talk. Lots of food for thought!

I love how she is so imaginative about thinking about the muse. I'm not sure I want to let go of the responsibility of the words I put out into the world, though. (And, I'm not sure this is really what she is saying, anyway.)

I've been finding inspiration from TED talks, and posting some on my blog. Today's is about the shared experience of absurdity. :)

Thanks, Lee!

Tom Franklin said...

Gilbert gives an absolutely brilliant talk. It remains one of my favorite TED Talks, period.

Renee Kurilla said...

This was fantastic and just what I needed. :) Thank you so much for posting!