Thursday, September 13, 2012

Craft: Martha Alderson (a.k.a. The Plot Whisperer) Talks Plot

Martha Alderson has a series of 27 videos on YouTube that walk writers through the steps of plotting our stories.

Each video explains what you need to do, and then gives a bunch of examples to illustrate her points.  They are a wonderful resource.

Here's the first one:

Martha's latest book, The Plot Whisperer Workbook, has just been released.

Thanks to literary agent Jill Corcoran for letting me know about Martha and her books and videos on plot!

Illustrate and Write On,


Ali B said...

Thank you! Now I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

The Pen and Ink Blog said...

This is good stuff. Thanks I needed that.
Now if you are writing a transitional book, head on over to Pen and Ink for some links.
I need to get back to plotting.