Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The MeeGenius contest - have you voted for your favorite text for a children's e-book?

In yet another example of innovative ways to "break in" to Children's Publishing, specifically e-books for children, check out the MeeGenius Author Challenge 2011!

The chance to enter a story has passed for this year, and now it's time to vote for your favorites (from now until December 18, 2011.)  And every vote counts, as the number one book as of writing this post ("The Treehouse in Your Sock Drawer" by Nicholas Wilmoth) is ahead by only 119 votes.

Here's details on how the contest works.

Kudos to Heather Harris-Brady, a SCBWI member in Michigan, USA, who contacted me and asked if I could let our readers know about the contest, because there might be other SCBWI members hoping for people to read, love and vote for their stories as well.  That's how to appropriately self-promote and use all these social media tools.  And that's why I chose Heather's story, "The Berry Jam," for the screen shot above.  Oh, and that link to her story.

And if you've got a story in the running, add a link to your story's MeeGenius page here in comments.

Good luck to our SCBWI competitors!

Illustrate and Write On,


Katie L. Carroll (KT) said...

I entered the MeeGenius contest. I'd love to have your vote.
Daddy Make-Believe

Tim McCanna said...

Shouting out from the San Francisco/South Chapter! My ABC ebook entry "E is for Apple" is hanging in there at 53rd place (out of 398) with 148 votes! Please give it a read and a LIKE. Thanks! http://www.meegenius.com/challenge/e-is-for-apple-by-tim-mccanna

Eric from Happy Birthday Author said...

Hey! Hey! my manuscript Hey! Hey! is in the MeeGenius Contest

I would love your vote!

Gregory G. Allen said...

Thanks for running this story! I'd love votes as well on my book about autism awareness!


Jessica Williford (NC) said...

Vote for my story about a mean bear who steals from Ten Little Princesses. Thanks!
The Adventures of the Ten Little Princesses and the Honey Bear