Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mark Twain on assembling a critique group

This is brilliant!

Mark Twain's words are performed by John Lithgow, and the illustrated animations are by NYPL artist in residence Flash Rosenberg.

Happy Holidays!

Illustrate and Write On,


Carol A.Bender said...

Lol, that was perfect. Happy Holidays to you too.

kathleen duey said...

He is so RIGHT! Thanks for this. Someone should do a break-out in LA about critique groups...and use this as the session starter?!!

Sue Ford said...

Thanks for sharing! So fun!

The Pen and Ink Blog said...

I relish slang and familiar flippancy.

Megan Frances said...

How pithy and Twain-ish!
Happy holidays, Lee!

Dawn Malone said...

Love that! Thanks for sharing!

lvharris said...

Well done! I shared this with my critique group.

betty54 said...
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