Thursday, July 9, 2020

#KidLitForMasks - Add YOUR Selfie to Spread Awareness that #MasksSaveLives

It's all over social media. There's a Publishers Weekly article explaining how it started, with Margaret Peterson Haddix wanting to do something positive and constructive. Margaret wrote in a Facebook post to launch the movement, “it’s time for authors to use their clout and influence again en masse to encourage mask-wearing to stop the spread of coronavirus.”

Here's Margaret's launch image of herself wearing a mask:

#KidLitForMasks and #MasksSaveLives
Author Bryan Patrick Avery word-plays off the title of his book "Super Puzzletastic Mysteries," writing "It's no mystery, masks save lives. Please wear one."

"Ninjas are cool. Ninjas wear masks. Be Ninja cool. Wear a Mask." Charlene Chua illustrates it for us!

Author Karol Ruth Silverstein put little masks on every pain-scale face on her cover but one - the one for her main character, Ricky, in her award-winning debut novel "Cursed".

More illustration Mask fun from illustrator Priscilla Alpaugh
And Meg Medina calls it like it is, with this selfie and the words "Be smart."
Search the hashtags online and discover your favorites. And consider joining in as part of #KidLitForMasks to spread the word that #MasksSaveLives

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