Friday, August 10, 2018

Your Many Author/Illustrator Bios

You'll need a short bio for social media. Another one for your next book. A third version for your website. A byline for articles you write. A profile on your author page on different retail websites. A version that's young-reader friendly. A version that's media-friendly. A version for events (that you provide in advance.)

And sometimes, depending on the marketing/PR opportunity, you'll need a version tailored specifically for that program.

Sometimes you'll get fifteen words, or less. Sometimes, you'll need a loooong version that's many paragraphs.

And you'll need to update your bios as new things happen (new books and accolades!)

Two things that can help:

1) Keep a master document of all the "official" versions of your bio, so it's all in one place. Make note of where you've used which version, and when.

2) Study examples of bios you like. See how the tone of a bio can match a book.

Check out this post from Diana Urban at BookBub, with 20 examples of strong Author Bios, and the reasons the marketing team liked each one.

3) Don't forget to have your bio (especially the version that will be printed in your upcoming book) copy-edited and proofread by a professional who knows their stuff (a.k.a., not you.)

Good luck, and have fun with it!

Illustrate and Write On,

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