Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Raising Our Voices - Illustrators Making An Impact

As reported in Publishers Weekly,
Prominent illustrators have donated images to display whenever we raise our voices to demand an end to the cruel [U.S.] administration policies of separating children from their parents and imprisoning refugees in detention facilities indefinitely. There are also postcards to send to the children who have not seen their parents in months.
That's from the Raising Our Voices website.

The printable protest signs have been used "around the world, from Tokyo to Seattle, Burlington to New York City, and many other cities and towns."

Here are some of the powerful images of protest:

Kira Lynn Caine’s Seeking Asylum is Not a Crime
Peter H. Reynolds’ Families Belong Together
Alison Farrel’s Caution: Ice

And postcards of support for the separated children:
Marc Rosenthal's Manténgase Fuerte: No Estas Solo / Stay Strong: You're Not Alone

Peter H. Reynolds' Your Dreams Are Your Wings
Jennifer K. Mann's We Are Thinking Of You / ¡Estamos Pensado En Ti!

Read more and get involved here.

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