Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Twitter Highlights and Resonant Moments of #NY17SCBWI

Some of the most popular conference moments, captured on twitter with the hashtag #NY17SCBWI...

"I never set out to have an audience. I set out to share what I love." Great social media advice from  at 

Feb 11
"Everything you are awkward about is the very thing that makes you so special." - Bryan Collier 

A lot of standing ovations at this conference. Why? Because we are fortifying ourselves to fight and write for the good of kids. 

Leave room for the reader. Don't do it all yourself. A book is not a monologue. --Sara Pennypacker 

51% of the kids in the US are POC. Repeat. -- 

NEW FOR 2017: 's nat'l (& internat'l!) BOOKS FOR READERS initiative, getting 📚 to the kids who need 'em. "Give Books. Build Dreams."

Feb 11
If you find something that inspires you, dig into that a little deeper. -Andrea Beaty 

Tomie dePaola at  (1/2): My wish for you: The joy of compassion, the joy of creating something that didn't exist before…

Tomie dePaola at  (2/2): The courage to do it in the first place, and to do it again, and again and again. And bit of good luck.

More moments that resonated for me:

"My thin skin allows me…to exhale emotions and humanity onto the page." -  inspires me at 

"Your passion is what's going to set your book apart" -great advice on Nonfiction for kids & teens from @ emily6560 

"The world is waiting for you to dream... You'll only get half. The kids get the other half." - Bryan Collier makes us feel 

What moments are still resonating for you?

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laurasalas said...

I wasn't there, but loved reading these little tidbits. Maybe next year!

becky said...

"Don’t be afraid of rejection. Don’t let it scare you. Trust it to shape you and simmer inside you. If you don’t give up, you will not fail." Tahereh Mafi