Thursday, April 14, 2016

Author Jason Hough's 5 Reasons To Listen To Audiobooks

Listening to to audiobooks as a way to up your craft? Check out this piece by author Jason Hough.

As Jason puts it,
"Audiobooks are a dynamite way to improve your writing,"

His five points included,
Unlike reading printed text, you can't really skim. You've trained yourself over the years to skip the "boring bits", to the point where you may not even realize you're doing it anymore, or why. And, this may be affecting your own writing. With an audiobook you're forced to hang on every word the author wrote. No eye-wandering past those large wall-of-text description paragraphs. No accidental glimpse at the big reveal in that next big line of dialog. And as a result, you'll gain newfound appreciation for the words themselves. 

What's the last audiobook you listened to? Did it help your own craft?

Illustrate and Write On,

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